How do ”friend requests” work?

You can add a “friend” to your profile by typing their name/username into the search field, tapping on their name, and then tapping on the icon that looks like a person with a plus sign on it. To show that your “friend request” has been sent, the icon’s plus sign will turn into a clock. Your “friend” will then have to “accept” or “deny” your request.

The other way around, when someone wants to add you as a friend, the request will pop up in your News Center.

How does “following” work?

“Follow” is not a term we use at KUDOS. Instead, you can send “friend” requests to people you know. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where all Users have equal status.

How do I “delete” or remove a friend?

You will not be able to remove any friends you have already accepted from your contact list. This is to prevent any form of exclusion and/or digital bullying.

Please see further information under “How are parents/caregivers involved with my use of the app?”.

How can I interact with published content?

You can “like” the photos of any of your friends, either through their profile or the KUDOS Feed. You may add captions and additional art to your own photos, but cannot comment on the photos of other Users. This is to prevent cyber-bullying.

How can I see who has “liked” my photo?

At KUDOS, we have kept “likes” anonymous. You will not be able to see who has “liked” your photo, but will be able to see how many (indicated by the number next to the “KUDOS K” symbol on a photo). This is to eliminate jealousy and/or favoritism. Who has access to my profile? Only accepted friends have access to your profile and the content you share.

How can I “report” a photo/caption?

Occasionally, you may come across a photo or caption that you might find inappropriate. If you want to report it, click on the icon that is at the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

Why does KUDOS require me to use my full name?

At KUDOS we believe in taking responsibility for everything you share online. We would like you to only share things you would want to have directly associated with you. By making your name visible, you will be held accountable for all the content you decide to publish.
Enabling Users to view the full names of others also works as a preventative measure, ensuring that anyone using the app will be fully aware of the identity of another User. All Users will be safeguarded against adding strangers hiding behind usernames and parents/caregivers will then also be fully aware of who their child is in contact with.

Who has access to my profile?

Only accepted friends have access to your profile and the content you share.

Who is Kodi KUDOS?

Kodi KUDOS is our mascot, and the first friend you will make on KUDOS! Through the app, he will be sharing photos of his life, travels, and adventures with his Users. He acts as a positive role model and will lead by example. Kodi will do his absolute best to encourage good values and responsibility by demonstrating “netiquette” and safe online behavior.

How are parents/caregivers involved with my use of the app? (for Users under 13)

When you register with KUDOS, your parent/caregiver will receive an e-mail that asks them to “approve” your account. Your parent/caregiver will be notified via e-mail every time you upload content to the KUDOS app. The e-mail will contain a copy of the shared photo and caption. If the content is inappropriate, they will be able to remove it. Your parent/caregiver is also given the opportunity to review your list of friends and will be able to remove contacts.


How will I be able to monitor my child’s account activity?

When your child uploads content to the KUDOS app, you will get an e-mail containing a copy of the photo and associated caption that have been shared. If the content is inappropriate, you will have the opportunity to remove it. How can I see my child’s list of friends?

How can I see my child’s list of friends?

Every time you receive a notification from the KUDOS team, you will be able to request an updated list of your child’s “friends” via a link. This will give you the opportunity to see and discuss who your child is friends with. Can my child upload content unrestricted?

Can my child upload content unrestricted?

Before Users are able to share a photo, they will receive a set of educational control questions from Kodi. This will encourage them to reflect on the content they are about to share, and will simultaneously raise their awareness about netiquette and social behavior in general. Our Content Moderators work hard to monitor all the content that is uploaded in the KUDOS app. Is my child too young to use KUDOS?

Is my child too young to be using KUDOS?

KUDOS is a fun and educational way to introduce children to the world of social media. The app has been designed with the “under 13” age group in mind, but KUDOS is for everyone. We believe KUDOS is the more suitable option on the market based on KUDOS’ customized functionalities, including Parental Supervision, Content Moderators, and Kodi KUDOS.