About Kudos

We’re KUDOS, a social media app designed specifically for kids but gladly welcomes posts from teens and parents – grandma and grandpa too! We aim to create a fun and safer digital environment where children can explore, learn, and understand the ever-expanding universe of social media.

Through KUDOS, we hope to inspire our future athletes, artists and doodlers, young explorers, bookworms, little rockers, and computer whizzes to simply be kind—co-exist and respect each other. By encouraging our kids to have open minds and willingness to discover, we believe we can stop the bullying, favoritism, and inappropriate content sharing. We can lift up one another and put the bullying to rest. We want to make this world a better place—don’t you? So, let’s harness the power of social media and empower our youth.



KUDOS’ goal is to be the world’s largest provider of digital platforms that excite, inspire, educate and safeguard children by teaming up with our future generations as fellow innovators.

Our products will be a result of children’s unlimited creativity and willingness to discover, and therefor be the spearhead of the technological evolution.


At KUDOS we strive to create and develop quality digital products for children. We’re driven by our passion to make a difference by guiding and guarding young people while they’re discovering and exploring the ever expanding online universe.
With hard work and dedication we’re creating a movement of good vibes based on edutainment and learning by doing. That way, our KUDOSIANS are equipped to meet future challenges with knowledge, positivity and steadfast courage.

Company values

Creativity is of abundance at KUDOS, everybody has awesome ideas for new features, products, or fun things we can do. But in order to go beyond we have to involve the real experts; the children. Many of our proud present and future features are made up by our young brainstormers that we always seek council from. As a result we’re able to be innovators alongside our future generations.
Company Values

Who doesn’t love love? It’s the source to sooo many great and wonderful things. Therefor our driving force is the love for what we’re trying to achieve; a world with less bullying, but tons of love and compassion. We implement love in everything we do.

Every day we strive to learn about new technology, cultures, exciting places, or whatever we find interesting. We embrace the small and big things because they’re often connected. Knowledge enables creativity, but most importantly it increases tolerance and understanding of the unknown. Knowledge is AWESOME, and to us a vital key to achieve success!

What’s the purpose of life;)? The BIG question…!
We can’t answer that, but spreading fun, joy and happiness must be important factors of a meaningful life. A smile, a joke or a simple compliment can turn a down to a up in an instant. It helps the receiver to feel better, but actually it helps the giver even more. HAPPY SHARING;)